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Ruling bishop of the Diocese of Cherkasy put under house arrest

Ruling bishop of the Diocese of Cherkasy put under house arrest
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12 April 2023 year 21:40

On April 12, 2023, a Ukrainian court passed a sentence upon Metropolitan Feodosy of Cherkasy and Kanev - the hierarch is put under house arrest with wearing an electronic bracelet.

The Union of Orthodox Journalists reports that according to the court decision, the hierarch of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church will stay under round-the-clock house arrest for 60 days.

The Ukrainian Security Service accused the head of the Diocese of Cherkasy of ‘calling to the violation of the equal rights of citizens’ and placing on the Diocese of Cherkasy’s website the Russian Orthodox Church’s materials ‘advocating the Kremlin regime’.

Metropolitan Feodosy’s lawyer Vladimir Yudin is going to appeal the court’s decision to put His Eminence under house arrest. He stated that he had not excluded such a decision of the court but hoped for the court’s just and impartial investigation. The lawyer also noted that the court ignored 1,5 thousand appeals of the Diocese of Cherkasy faithful who asked not to apply to His Eminence Feodosy such a rigorous preventive punishment.

So Metropolitan Feodosy will not be able to preside over the Liturgy on the Passion Week and Pascha.

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