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Presentation of the Collection of documents about the Reunification of Kievan Metropolia with Russian Church in the 17th сentury will take place in Moscow

Presentation of the Collection of documents about the Reunification of Kievan Metropolia with Russian Church in the 17th сentury will take place in Moscow
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14 September 2021 year 17:52
Within the framework of the conference on the “World Orthodoxy: Primacy and Conciliarity in the Light of Orthodox Teaching” of the Synodal Biblical-Theological Commission, a collection of documents – “Reunification of Kievan Metropolia with Russian Orthodox Church 1676-1686:  Studies and Documents” – will be presented at the St. Sergius Hall of the Cathedral of Christ the Savior on September 16 at 5.00 p.m.

The edition of this collection, prepared by the “Orthodox Encyclopedia” Church-Research Center, is a historical and canonical response to the developments related to the announcement of the Patriarchate of Constantinople about the “revocation” of the Synodal decision of 1686 on the transfer of the Kievan Metropolia to the jurisdiction of the Russian Orthodox Church and about the “recognition of the autocephaly” of the schismatic formation “OCU”.

The collection comprises 246 documents, of which 200 were never published. All the documents have been scrupulously studied and complemented with a due commentary and with a modern-Russian translation, as needed.

Metropolitan Hilarion of Volokolamsk, chairman of the Moscow Patriarchate’s Department for External Church Relations, will share information about the collection and the documents comprised in it and talk about the situation in world Orthodoxy resulted from the anti-canonical interference of the Patriarch of Constantinople in Ukrainian affairs.

The participants will also hear Mr. Sergey L. Kravets, head of the “Orthodox Encyclopedia” Church-Research Centre, and other speakers.
The collection “Reunification of Kievan Metropolia with the Russian Orthodox Church 1676-1686: Studies and Documents” is the most complete collection of archival documents of the period from 1676 to 1686 concerning the background, context and circumstances of the reunification of the Kievan Metropolia with the Russian Orthodox Church.

The “Orthodox Encyclopedia” began working on the collection in the fall of 2017.  Most of the time was spent on looking for and systematization of the materials in a number of Russian archives, including the Russian State Archive of Ancient Acts, the State Historical Museum of Ancient Manuscripts, the Department of Manuscripts of the Russian National Library in St. Petersburg, and others. 

Working on the collection were leading Russian scholars led by Boris N. Florya, Doctor of History and corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Sciences. The group of authors included Doctor of Philology Dmitry Afinogenov, Candidate of Theology Rev. Mikhail Zheltov, and Candidates of History Kirill A. Kochegarov, Ms Nadezhda P. Chesnokova, and Ms Madina Yafarova.
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Presentation of the Collection of documents about the Reunification of Kievan Metropolia with Russian Church in the 17th сentury will take place in Moscow

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